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July 2017 Archives

Am I eligible for Temporary Protected Status?

If you have been living in the United States for any length of time and are afraid to return to your own country, you may wonder what options are available to you. Depending on your country of origin and the date on which you arrived in this country, you may be eligible for temporary protected status, which is a humanitarian program allowing individuals to remain in the United States until circumstances in their own countries are safer.

What should I know when applying for a student visa?

If you live in Kentucky and are currently applying for a student visa, there are important pieces of information that you must know in order to facilitate a smoother process. Applying for visas can be complex even under the best of circumstances, and failure to submit all documentation in an accurate and timely manner could jeopardize your chances.

Filing for adjustment of status

People who come to the United States may do so under many different types of visas and for many different types of reasons. Some foreign nationals in Kentucky are here to pursue specific educational or occupational opportunities. Others have come to the United States to join family members. Still others have fled their countries due to unpleasant circumstances they experienced at home.

District court rules on travel ban definitions

The controversial travel ban imposed by the White House has seen a number of adjustments since it was first proposed earlier this year. Indeed, legal challenges have softened its initial approach and intent and the number of demonstrations and protests have certainly garnered media attention. But for foreign nationals who seek to enter the country, it is important to know how the definitions included in the directive should be interpreted.  

How does a child acquire U.S. citizenship at birth?

For many, it is a priority to ensure that their children enjoy all the benefits of U.S. citizenship as they grow up in Kentucky. If you are currently expecting a child, you may wonder what conditions would confer this right to him or her at birth.

The benefits of being granted asylum in the United States

Regardless of the reasons that brought you to Kentucky, if returning to your home country could compromise your safety, the circumstances could be such that you are granted asylum. This allows you to stay in the United States to protect you from the threat of persecution based on factors such as your political opinions, race or religion. We at the Vickerstaff Law Office have counseled many clients about the advantages of being granted asylum.