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November 2017 Archives

Immigrating to the U.S. with your family

Immigration can be stressful for a wide range of reasons and this can be especially true for those who have a spouse and/or children. Moving to another country for work or some other purpose can be a huge change which brings uncertainty and this is especially true for those who leave behind families. Vickerstaff Law Office recognizes that each family immigration case is unique and that immigrants and their loved ones may be facing a plethora of difficulties. In Louisville, and cities all over Kentucky, it is pivotal for people in this position to take a careful look at their rights and figure out the most sensible plan of action.

The removal process in the immigration court system

Immigrants in Kentucky who do not have proper documentation may be wondering what the removal process is like, should the unthinkable happen. According to FindLaw, the process may begin with a Notice to Appear. This document is served to the immigrant, as well as being filed with the immigration court. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is the federal agency that issues the notification.

Do you have questions about beginning the naturalization process?

Living in the United States may have been a long-time goal for you. Though you may have achieved that goal some time ago and became a permanent resident, you could have found yourself wanting to take another step and become a United States citizen. Many people have this goal, but because the naturalization process can seem daunting, numerous individuals may also delay pursuing this achievement.

Determining visa availability

As you think about the process that prepared you to come to Louisville from your country of origin, you likely remember that one of the criteria to qualify for your visa was to have the intention of one day returning home. Yet like many of those that we here at the Vickerstaff Law Office, PSC have worked with, you may have come to view the U.S. as your new home. Now, as you get ready apply for an adjustment of status, one of the elements that you must consider is whether there is a visa available in your immigrant category. 

Can I seek asylum in the United States?

If you are in Kentucky and seeking protection from the United States due to persecution elsewhere, or fearing persecution, based on one or more categories of eligibility, you may be able to successfully apply for asylum. You may receive asylum if you are in danger of persecution based on your political opinion, race, nationality, social group membership or religion.

The ongoing battle over Louisville sanctuary city status

Ever since Cincinnati declared itself a sanctuary city in January 2017, Greg Fischer, mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, has been under pressure to do likewise. As reported in the Courier Journal, activist groups favoring the expansion of Louisville’s friendly policies toward undocumented immigrants have been demonstrating for months. They want Mayor Fischer and the Metro Council to do more to aid and protect these immigrants.