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May 2019 Archives

How can I apply for a visitor visa?

According to the U.S. Department of State, a visitor visa is available to business travelers, tourists, and those seeking medical care within this country. These visas are intended for temporary stays, and as a result, they are considered non-immigrant visas. You must meet certain criteria to be considered eligible, and it's beneficial to understand these criteria before filing. 

How the 2017 travel ban led to an increase in dual citizenships

In early 2017, immigrants in Kentucky faced a statewide panic due to the travel bans that were implemented at the start of the year. According to CNN, reports from the White House originally said that green card holders would not be affected. However, the statement was allegedly later changed to say green card holders of the banned countries would indeed be affected.

The complicated reasons many apply for asylum

At the Vickerstaff Law Office, we know that it can be easy for U.S.-born citizens to take our rights and freedoms for granted, without realizing the horrors that countless people in other countries endure. You and others seeking a safe place to live in Kentucky and other states may apply for refugee status or asylum within the United States.

Did immigration officials in Kentucky question your marriage?

When you married a U.S. citizen in Kentucky, you suspected you might encounter numerous challenges as you adapt to life in the United States. Culture shock is definitely real, and it pays to reach out for support if you are having trouble acclimating to your new surroundings. Certain issues may make your situation even more stressful, for instance, if immigration officials question the validity of your marriage.