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What should I know when applying for a student visa?

If you live in Kentucky and are currently applying for a student visa, there are important pieces of information that you must know in order to facilitate a smoother process. Applying for visas can be complex even under the best of circumstances, and failure to submit all documentation in an accurate and timely manner could jeopardize your chances.

That’s why NAFSA: Association of International Educators provides a few key points to help those applying for student visas. For instance, ensuring that you are able to fully understand the English language is crucial, as your interviewer will converse with you in English and not in your native language. You’ll need to explain your plans for schooling while in the United States, and your interviewer will most likely ask a broad range of questions to that end.

Additionally, unless you are a minor you will need to speak to the interviewer without the aid of other family. In this case, you should be prepared to undertake your interview alone to ensure you make the right impression during the course of your session. Along with a positive outlook, it’s also suggested that you keep your answers brief. The person conducting the interview will no doubt be responsible for speaking with a wide range of applicants, which means time will be of the essence.

Providing the right type of supporting documentation is also essential to the application process. While the exact type of documentation will vary, in general you’ll be required to provide information regarding scholarships, documentation of financial assistance, and any letters of sponsorship. There are also official forms that need to be completed and submitted, and you should be aware of what exactly is required of you to ensure your provide the right information.