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June 2017 Archives

Navigating the process of obtaining a K-1 visa

Getting engaged is an exciting time, but making plans for a wedding and a life together can be quite complicated if your fiancé does not live in the country. In addition to planning for everything that comes with a wedding, you must also apply for the appropriate visas if you intend for your fiancé to travel to the United States and reside with you here in Kentucky on a permanent basis.

What do I need to know about submitting a petition?

Submitting a petition in Kentucky and having it approved is one of the first steps toward being awarded an immigrant visa in the United States. If you are attempting to gain legal access into the country, there are several things you need to keep in mind. The U.S. Department of State details the factors that will affect whether or not your application is approved.

Are immigrants protected from domestic violence?

People immigrate to the U.S. for an array of reasons, whether they are offered a job opportunity or plan on marrying a U.S. citizen. If you have moved to the U.S. for marriage, it is pivotal to understand your rights and handle any challenges that arise correctly. For example, you should know what to do if you or your children are ever subjected to domestic violence.

Immigration enforcement expected to fuel prison boom

The Wall Street Journal reports that the population in the federal government's prison system is expected to see a surge next year. The expected upswing is due to the Trump administration's efforts to arrest undocumented immigrants and drug offenders.

U.S. visas for immediate family members of citizens

There are many people in the United States who have achieved citizenship but who may have immediate relatives who are not U.S. citizens. These relatives may not even currently live in the U.S. but may wish to. Fortunately for them, there may be a way of obtaining a visa to enter the country legally through the citizenship of their family member as explained by the United States Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs. 

Scam artists selling "legal residence" to immigrants

News reports from around Kentucky and the nation have documented the increased fear of detention and deportation pervading immigrant communities. That fear has been spun into gold by scam artists who promise immigrants legal resident status and more.