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April 2018 Archives

Qualifying for modifications to your citizenship process

One of the proudest moments of your life may have been when you were able to sponsor your parent who applied for a permanent resident card. Receiving a green card provided many opportunities for your loved one, and you played an important role in making that happen.

Green cards and re-entry pointers

In today's political climate, immigrants face many obstacles -- obstacles that other Kentucky residents rarely stumble upon. Among these challenges lie the urgent questions surrounding green cards: how long are they effective? Does one need to reside in the country a certain amount of time to receive one? Do they expire? The following examines today's green card regulations, as well as some approaches to help make the process a smoother one.

Lawsuit filed after refugee excluded from national poetry contest

Those seeking asylum in Louisville and throughout the rest of the U.S. may be doing so for a number of different reasons. Listed among these is likely to escape discrimination they may have been experiencing in their countries of origin due to their ethnicity, religious beliefs or other reasons. They may certainly not expect to encounter it here. If they do, the hope is that they are able to rise above it and continue on their path to seeking permanent residency (if that is their ambition). 

Understanding a B-2 visa

At the Vickerstaff Law Office in Kentucky, we know how exciting it is when your friends and relatives come for a visit, especially when they are coming from another country. You and they may already know that they need a B-2 visa in order to visit America for pleasure purposes, but you may be unclear as to exactly what a B-2 visa is and how they go about getting one.