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Local: 502-442-2039 Toll-Free: 888-832-2944

Louisville, Kentucky, Immigration Lawyer

Louisville Immigration Law Firm

Vickerstaff Law Office, PSC, provides all the services that most immigration lawyers provide. But there is one big difference — we take our clients’ problems seriously, and we work hard to create solutions as quickly as our bureaucratic immigration system allows. We understand that it is not easy dealing with a complex system like U.S. immigration. That’s why we do our best to explain your legal status and to remove obstacles to the life you hope to live.

When You Are Serious About Immigration Issues

An important fact about Vickerstaff Law Office, PSC: Many of our clients started off with different attorneys. The reason? These lawyers were not listening to them. They were not paying attention to client needs. People want a lawyer who does the job — that is why our firm has grown.

The attorneys and staff at Vickerstaff Law Office, PSC, treat immigration issues seriously. We genuinely enjoy working with people from other nations, respecting their differences, and paying attention to the small details that cause delays and refusals.

Experienced Bowling Green Asylum Attorney

When you work with Vickerstaff Law Office, PSC, your case will be managed by an actual lawyer at all times, either John Vickerstaff or Marina Finegold. This assures clarity in communication and a feeling that you are in capable hands.

We are licensed to practice in both Kentucky and Indiana, so we are able to serve all Kentuckiana. We are available to clients 24 hours a day by phone or email. We also speak Spanish, Russian and French. We accept credit card payments, and we return calls promptly.

Do you need assistance with matters relating to immigration? Contact the Louisville immigration law firm Vickerstaff Law Office, PSC at 502-442-2039 or 888-832-2944.