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October 2017 Archives

Understanding dual citizenship

For many of those who have immigrated to Louisville or other parts of the U.S., the ultimate goal is to become American citizens. Their decision to do so, however, may not necessarily mean that they also want to renounce their natural ties to their countries of origin. Being a dual citizen of two countries does have its advantages, with those being the ability to travel easily between the two nations, and to enjoy access to the social service programs of both. This begs the question of how can one earn dual citizenship

Has the government stoked an interest in your marriage?

If someone in Kentucky (or anywhere, for that matter) were to ask you why you married your spouse, you may have many different answers. Perhaps it was the way he or she made you feel comfortable, like you could be yourself and not worry about impressions. Maybe it was a great sense of humor, compassionate heart or strong work ethic that attracted you, or any combination of these or other attributes. What if an official immigration officer suspects that the only reason you got married was to obtain a green card?

Asylum and refugee status

The refugee and asylum application processes can be complex and time-consuming, but they are effective means to protect many immigrants from unsafe situations.  According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, refugees are people who seek entrance into the United States in order to avoid persecution in their homeland. The state of Kentucky in particular is welcoming to those who seek shelter from harm.

Reviewing the Immigration and Nationality Act

The United States has long been the preferred destination of millions from around the world seeking opportunities to better theirs and their families' circumstances. However, the immigration history of the U.S. has long been influenced by different policies and trends that have contributed to cultural makeup both in Louisville and the rest of the country. The federal government took significant steps to curb those influences by signing the Immigration and Nationality Act into law in 1965. 

The daca program, kentucky and hope for the future

At the center of America's highly debated topics lies the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program. After the Trump administration's confirmation earlier this year that the DACA Program would begin phasing out, countless Kentucky residents fear for what the future may mean for themselves and for their families. Thousands of these "Dreamers" have called America home for their entire lives, and for this reason, organizations nationwide have stepped up to the fight for immigration rights in the country.