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March 2017 Archives

Louisville techies fighting immigration enforcement efforts

From Louisville to New York City and from Silicon Valley to Texas, Florida and beyond, there is a grassroots effort by technology firms eager to help people resist President Donald Trump's immigration enforcement efforts. According to The Atlantic's tech publication CityLab, techies here in Louisville are working hard to ensure that our city continues to welcome immigrants.

Immigrant restaurateur living the American dream in Louisville

If you scan through the CIA's World Factbook (a website open to the public) entry on Nigeria, you find data that paints an interesting picture of the emerging African nation. It has a very young population with low life expectancy rates (for men, life expectancy is 52 years, for women it's 54.) Compare those rates to the U.S., where life expectancy is 77 for men, 82 for women. The Gross Domestic Product per person there is about $5,000. In the U.S., it is about 11 times as much.

Do you know your rights during an immigration arrest?

The current political climate has made futures less certain for many immigrants in the United States. In 2017 we have seen an increase in investigations and arrests of immigrants by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) police and the FBI. 

Immigrant communities "fearful," but preparing

We do not know if immigrant training is taking place yet in Kentucky, but recent news articles say some advocacy groups around the nation are trying to help undocumented immigrants prepare for the possibility that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials (ICE) will one day knock on their doors.

Kentucky faith leaders urge acceptance of refugees

Dozens of faith leaders from Kentucky are among the thousands of signatories of a letter to the government, demanding support for refugee resettlement. Drafted by the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, the letter asks the Trump Administration to acknowledge the "urgent moral responsibility to receive refugees and asylum seekers who are in dire need of safety."