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August 2017 Archives

Factors which may affect citizenship

When you apply for citizenship in Kentucky, it is natural to have many questions about the process. You may be concerned, though, about factors which may cause you to be denied citizenship. At Vickerstaff Law Office, PSC, we know that it is important for people to understand these factors, as well as the process to become a citizen.

Situations that may signify an abandonment of your legal status

You may have gone through a long, arduous process before securing permanent legal residence status in the United States. You definitely are not the first immigrant to have done so, and likely may know of others in your personal or professional life whose stories are similar to yours. Maintaining your status is undoubtedly a high priority if you plan on living somewhere in the nation for the rest of your life. U.S. immigration law often changes and if your knowledge isn't current, you may run into trouble.

Asylum and the outlook for Kentucky refugees

The current issues that refugees face when arriving to the United States can seem endless, as many Americans do not consider the country responsible for taking in foreign families experiencing danger and distress in their own countries. Fortunately, Kentucky is one of the leading states accepting refugees in search of better lives. The process of asylum arrangements, however, can be extremely complex.

What is the Convention Against Torture?

If you are currently living in Kentucky, but fled your country of origin because you were persecuted, you may not be aware of the United Nations Convention Against Torture. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has stated that the United States may not deport you to any country where you likely will be subjected to torture.