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How likely are you to receive asylum?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | asylum

To seek asylum in the United States is not a simple procedure but instead, a complex process that involves the United States Customs and Immigration Services. To apply for asylum you ask for protection from the U.S. because you cannot return to your country.

According to USA Today, there are many reasons why a person may need to ask for asylum and many ways to have approval.

How to separate refugees from asylum-seekers?

Some people have difficulty understanding the difference between refugees and asylum-seekers. After all, both groups of people fled their home country. If you are at the port of entry or inside the U.S. currently, then you would apply for asylum. However, when a person happens to be located outside of the U.S., then he or she is a refugee.

How often are asylum-seekers accepted?

In 2015, there were more than 250,000 cases of people who wanted asylum in the United States. Out of those numbers, about 20,455 people received asylum. When you apply for asylum the process does take a long time. It can last for years. You have to fill out an I-589 right away and provide thorough explanations of what happened in your home country. You will have to attend an interview where an officer can determine whether you have asylum eligibility.

When it comes to the acceptance of asylum-seekers, the most common applicants come from Honduras, El Salvador or Guatemala.

When it comes to asylum-seekers, there are always a lot of options available in the U.S., but you must ensure that you are eligible for asylum beforehand.

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