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The daca program, kentucky and hope for the future

At the center of America’s highly debated topics lies the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program. After the Trump administration’s confirmation earlier this year that the DACA Program would begin phasing out, countless Kentucky residents fear for what the future may mean for themselves and for their families. Thousands of these “Dreamers” have called America home for their entire lives, and for this reason, organizations nationwide have stepped up to the fight for immigration rights in the country. 

While the fight for protection of the immigration community continues, the termination of the DACA Program has, unfortunately, affected many. Just last August, USA Today reported on the devastating incident in which immigration officers seized a young Kentucky mother and held her for deportation. Held at four different locations and having eventually landed at a jail outside Chicago, the mother is, in fact, a legal immigrant through the DACA program. But despite this fact, it appears that officials have retroactively applied the program’s termination to thousands of immigrants, as well as begun deporting undocumented immigrants with no previous criminal records. 

Deportation cases continue to ignite fear among thousands of legal immigrants, but what are the possible outcomes for this situation? The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky, an organization that offers resources and updates on the DACA Program, states that Kentucky lawmakers on both state and federal levels must decide which side to support. The ACLU also warns the public that the termination of this program could affect not only immigrants, but the country as a whole. Along with countless others in the country, the ACLU states that it will continue the fight to protect the thousands whose futures are needlessly on the line.