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Louisville, Kentucky, Immigration Lawyer

Louisville, Kentucky, Immigration Lawyer

What’s the point of a points-based visa system?

by | Sep 24, 2017 | blog

As a prospective immigrant who wants to enter Kentucky or another location in the United States in the hope of securing a better life for yourself and your family, you’re likely already aware that the process may be complicated and stressful. If you follow current event news, you may have also heard that the entire immigration process is undergoing an overhaul since the new presidential administration took office. A main topic of consideration has to do with the visa program.

Word has it that the entire system is going to become a points-based contest. You may or may not be happy about that expected change. There are obviously different types of visas, and your chances of obtaining one may increase or decrease with a new system, depending on the details of your particular situation.

How would a points-based system work?

If you were to apply for a visa under a new points-based system, you’d want to be aware of certain facts, such as the following:

  • Points would be earned for achievements in various categories.
  • There would likely be approximately six different categories in which you would need to earn an appropriate number of points in order to qualify for visa application.
  • If you have a significant language barrier, it might hold you back in a points-based visa program since proficiency in speaking English would be one of the categories.
  • Other categories would include personal identification information, such as your age, as well as whether you are set up to earn lucrative income in the United States.
  • Where language is concerned, you would have to take a pre-approved language test to earn points.
  • You would earn points regarding potential income based on median family income statistics of the state in which you plan to seek employment.
  • The higher your potential income compared to the average, the more points you would earn.

You may be able to take practice quizzes or surveys online to determine whether you’d be a good candidate for a points-based visa system. Even if you’re confident you’d be eligible to apply for the visa of your choice, many obstacles can arise throughout the visa process that could impede or delay your entrance to the United States. It’s good to know that support networks and advocacy services exist that can help you overcome any problems you encounter.