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Factors which may affect citizenship

When you apply for citizenship in Kentucky, it is natural to have many questions about the process. You may be concerned, though, about factors which may cause you to be denied citizenship. At Vickerstaff Law Office, PSC, we know that it is important for people to understand these factors, as well as the process to become a citizen.

Although child support may seem unrelated to citizenship, it can actually be one of the factors which determines whether or not you become a citizen. FindLaw says that you typically need to demonstrate that you are paying your court-ordered child support. Neglecting to pay does not always mean you will be denied citizenship. You may still become a citizen if you have financial circumstances which make you late with these payments. However, failing to provide these payments may be a strike against you if you have intentionally left them unpaid.

Your moral character also plays a role in your quest for citizenship. A background check is usually performed and its findings can determine whether or not you become a citizen. Prostitution and using illegal substances, as well as imprisonment for more than 180 days, sometimes indicate a lack of good moral character. While some of these offenses may temporarily keep you from becoming a citizen, others can be grounds for permanent denial.

While you generally need to show that you have a good moral character, you also usually need to demonstrate how you qualify for citizenship. You might be required to show that you have served in the military or lived in the US for five years. More information about gaining citizenship can be found on our webpage.