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Louisville, Kentucky, Immigration Lawyer

Louisville, Kentucky, Immigration Lawyer

Situations that may signify an abandonment of your legal status

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2017 | blog

You may have gone through a long, arduous process before securing permanent legal residence status in the United States. You definitely are not the first immigrant to have done so, and likely may know of others in your personal or professional life whose stories are similar to yours. Maintaining your status is undoubtedly a high priority if you plan on living somewhere in the nation for the rest of your life. U.S. immigration law often changes and if your knowledge isn’t current, you may run into trouble.

Do you know there are several situations that would signify to immigration officials that you are abandoning your status? If you’re unaware that such regulations exist, it might be best to research the topic, especially if you plan to temporarily leave the United States any time soon.

Be aware of issues that signify failure to maintain your status

Generally speaking, permanent resident status in the United States is conditional. There are certain situations that may cause you to lose your status. The following list specifies circumstances that would cause the government to think you are intentionally abandoning your status:

  • If you decide you no longer wish to live in Kentucky, or anywhere in the United States, and you relocate to another country, you will likely lose your permanent residence status here.
  • If you intend your absence from the United States to be temporary and you wish to maintain your legal status, you must acknowledge this fact and notify immigration officials by stating the reason for your departure and how long you plan to stay away as well as other pertinent details regarding your circumstances.
  • If something happens to prevent you from returning to the United States at the projected time, you must immediately notify appropriate officials to give reason for your delay.
  • If you are temporarily residing outside the United States, you still need to file your taxes here at the appropriate time. Failure to do so may signify that you are abandoning your status.
  • If you file your taxes, but list yourself as a non-immigrant, you are technically abandoning your status.

Hopefully, by adhering to all existing regulations regarding U.S. immigration law and maintaining permanent resident status, you will not face any obstacles to your travel plans or impediments to your goals for working and living in the United States. If you abandon your status without meaning to, your situation may get somewhat worse before it gets better. Knowing where to turn for help in such circumstances may be half the battle won.

Many Kentucky immigrants keep important contact information, such as phone numbers of immediate family members, employers and/or experienced immigration attorneys with them at all times so they can access the best resources as quickly as possible if a problem arises.