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How should you prepare for immigration court?

Finding out that your loved one needs to attend immigration court in Kentucky may fill your future, and theirs, with uncertainty. The process of organizing a case and presenting evidence in favor of your loved one will require time and patience.

When you know how to prepare for a court hearing, you can make informed decisions about your next steps. You can also share some tips with your family member to encourage preparation and confidence.

Model good behavior

The United States government has various requirements for your family member to meet prior to granting citizenship. According to The United States Department of Justice, if your family member violates immigration law, repercussions may include jail time, legal fines and deportation.

In anticipation of a court meeting, encourage your family member to model good behavior. Look for ways to highlight the contributions your loved one has made to society. You may also consider providing details about why remaining in the United States would improve the quality of life for your loved one. Another strategy is to list the reasons why returning to one’s home country could put the safety and well-being of your family member in peril.

Know court expectations

There is no video or photography allowed in most U.S. courtrooms. Depending on the size and scope of your family member’s case, authorities may place a limit on who they will allow in the courtroom during proceedings. Knowing these expectations and helping prepare your family member may reduce disappointment stemming from miscommunication.

A number of outcomes could happen as the result of a case going to immigration court. These include an adjustment of status, asylum or deportation. Working with an attorney, you can have reliable guidance as you prepare for the process of fighting for your loved one’s freedom.