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Appeal filed following denial of visa for trafficking victim

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2020 | immigration law

Those involved in the immigration process in Kentucky know that it involves a great number of complexities. Many of those come as a result of the unique complexities of one’s individual case. While many might assume that immigration policies cover most scenarios (in general), in reality, every immigrant’s circumstances can present their own special challenges when it comes to gaining legal status. 

Oftentimes those circumstances may lead to the denial of an application for legal residency (as well as subsequent deportation proceedings). Yet those facing deportation may still have an argument to make that might not only justify them remaining in the U.S., but doing so legally on a long-term basis. 

Woman disputes denial of special visa for trafficking victims

Such is the hope of the representatives of a woman in North Carolina currently faced with deportation. Per the Charlotte Observer, she originally sought advice about obtaining legal residency under normal circumstances, only to learn that the details of her entry into the U.S. might qualify her as a victim of trafficking. A Georgia family originally brought her into the country while still a teen to work as a nanny. However, they subsequently cut off her access to both her family and outside resources, refused to pay her for her work and reneged on promises to help her assimilate into American culture. She ultimately escaped, married and started a family of her own. 

Fighting against a potential deportation

Yet in this case, authorities denied the woman’s application for a special “T visa” (reserved solely for trafficking victims), citing recent regulatory changes to the qualifying criteria. Those unfamiliar with U.S. immigration law may not know the methods through which they can challenge such a ruling. Thus, having reliable legal assistance in such a case may be vital.