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How do I prepare for the citizenship test?

You have lived in the wild hills of Kentucky for years and finally wish to apply for citizenship. The process seems daunting but preparing ahead of time can ease your concerns. There are a few things you need to know about the test to be successful. 

The US Citizenship Support offers testing help for those interested. Passing the test is the only way to obtain citizenship in the United States. The test received a new update in 2008 to provide a more consistent experience. 

The exam has four parts you must pass in an interview setting. The government wants to know you can understand, read and write English. A fluency in the language is a must for your success. The interviewer asks you a series of questions in English and gauges your responses. Then you must read a sentence and write a sentence in English. 

The interviewer then asks you 10 questions on civics. To pass, you must answer six of these correctly. The government has issued a list of 100 questions with answers for you to study. Keep in mind that the exact phrasing of the question may change during the exam. Understanding all of the answers can help you better adjust to the slight wording changes you could experience. 

While you may not need additional help to pass the test, understanding what to expect during the test can help you achieve success. You only have two chances to pass the test before they deny your application.