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What are the biggest challenges facing immigrants?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2019 | family immigration

While life in the U.S. offers many amazing opportunities to immigrants, the experience is not without its challenges. Overcoming these challenges take a dedicated effort, as well as access to the right information. To help immigrants and their families get acclimated to life in Kentucky, Global Citizen offers the following advice.

Finding fulfilling employment

Even immigrants with the right schooling and experience find it difficult to secure quality employment in the U.S. This is because many employers in this country prefer workers with experience based here, and as a result, they may overlook immigrant workers for local candidates. You may need to take a job you’re overqualified for, which can be distressing. You may also be subject to discrimination, which can cause even further stress. Make use of family supports and other resources if you’re being challenged during the job hunt.

Learning the language

Most Americans only speak English, which means immigrants in this country must be proficient in English to get by. If you’re not you’ll be held back in a lot of areas, especially when it comes to work and making friends. English as a second languages classes are very helpful in this case, as they can provide you with working knowledge of the language to allow you to assimilate into your community. You can also practice using English at home with your family to build your skills as a family.

Overcoming cultural barriers

Cultural misunderstandings are common when living in a new country. Even if you’re fairly knowledgeable about American culture, you’re bound to encounter some issues, and it’s important that you try to keep a sense of humor about the whole thing. Your kids may experience the same hurdles, or they may appear to become acclimated too quickly for your liking. Make sure you’re there to support each other and you’ll soon find yourself fitting into with those around you.