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Why Is Citizenship Commonly Denied?

If you’re a temporary resident of Kentucky and are interested in applying for citizenship, you’re probably concerned about your application being denied. In this case, knowing the common reasons for denial can help you prepare your case for a better chance of success. offers a few common reasons citizenship applications are not approved by the government.

Past Criminal History

Criminal background checks are a major component of becoming a citizen. As a result, a person’s criminal history will be reviewed exhaustively to ensure they haven’t committed any crimes. Serious crimes like felonies will result in a permanent ban. Lesser types of crimes like misdemeanors may result in citizen being temporarily denied, although it depends on the exact nature of the crime in question.

Failed Testing

You’ll also be asked to take testing regarding the English language and civic matters. Passing these tests are mandatory if you hope to become a citizen, which shows just how important it is to be properly prepared before you enter into testing. There are some exemptions to testing however; for instance, if you suffer from learning disabilities or are older than 50 and have been a resident for 20 or more years, testing can be waived.


When filing an application, providing accurate information is of the utmost importance. Failure to do so can result in accusations of fraud, even if the error made was not done so intentionally. Your past history will be reviewed by the examiner, and if there are any issues at any point during the naturalization process they can become can an issue. Accordingly, it’s important that you’re completely forthcoming about your life at each step of the process.