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Louisville, Kentucky, Immigration Lawyer

Louisville, Kentucky, Immigration Lawyer

Do you know the requirements for naturalization?

The road that ends with U.S. citizenship may prove long. When setting out, it may help to understand some of the essential elements you need for a successful process.

Naturalization is the process through which those who are citizens of other countries can gain American citizenship. There are steps that you need to complete along the way.

What makes you eligible for naturalization?

In most circumstances, you must prove eligibility to enter the U.S. and apply for naturalization. Anyone over 18 with a clean criminal record may apply for a Green Card or visa for temporary entrance. If you are seeking asylum, you may apply for entry by providing details about your situation.

What does legal residency mean?

Upon obtaining a visa or Green Card, you should establish residency and have a job. If you intend to apply for naturalization eventually, these two actions become crucial for remaining in the country.

Is there a medical evaluation?

You will need a physical health exam to ensure that you do not have a communicable disease or other health issues that may void your application. A representative will also take your fingerprints and get your vital statistics.

What are the interview and test?

One of the final steps in becoming a naturalized citizen is an interview with an immigration officer. During this, the representative will ask questions to ensure that your application is complete and correct. You will then need to take a test. The interview and the test also assess your ability to communicate in English.

Once you complete the steps, you should take your oath of citizenship and receive your naturalization papers. At any point, you can seek assistance from someone with experience with naturalization.