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What if you fail the English or Civics naturalization tests?

Becoming a U.S. citizen through naturalization allows you to live and work in Kentucky or another state on a permanent basis. The naturalization process involves a number of important steps, and one of those steps involves taking a naturalization test.

Per U.S. Customs and Immigration Services, the naturalization test required for U.S. citizenship has two main components: an English component and a Civics component. The English test section assesses your skill when it comes to reading, writing and communicating in basic English. The Civics test examines your knowledge of American history and the nation’s government.

Understanding naturalization test exemptions

Most people who wish to establish U.S. citizenship through naturalization must take and pass the test in order to do so. However, there are several rare exemptions. For example, you may be exempt from the English test portion if you are at least 50 and have lived in the country as a green card holder for at least 20 years. Similarly, having certain mental or physical disabilities may also make you exempt from taking the tests.

Understanding what happens if you do not pass

You may try to pass the English and Civics tests twice. If you fail either part of the test, you may retake the failed portion at a later date that typically falls somewhere within 60 and 90 days from the date you had your naturalization interview.

Try to avoid panicking before taking the English and Civics tests. Both tests have high pass rates, meaning most people who take them are able to pass them without much trouble.