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Why was your green card application denied?

Going through the process of applying for a green card is a very difficult one. It can take effort and potentially years of time. The longer you wait and the more time and money you put into it, the higher your hopes may be.

But what happens if your application gets denied? Why are green card applications commonly denied in the first place? Understanding this may help you understand your own case.

Problems with marriage green card applications

The Department of Homeland Security takes a look at the process of applying for your green card. They note that there are several common reasons for the denial of applications. For example, one of the biggest reasons is a failure to establish an authentic marriage. An authentic relationship and marriage serves as the base for a marriage green card application. This makes it hard for couples in unique circumstances, such as when your home country did not acknowledge your marriage.

Lacking financial resources can hurt, too. Your spouse must prove that they have the financial capability to support you. Pay stubs and federal tax returns often prove this information, but some simply do not have enough.

The biggest error

Errors in the application package serve as the biggest reason for rejection, though. Just one minor mistake can have your application sent right back to you, rejected. Errors may include things like not filling out the form, failing to provide all signatures, and submitting photos that do not meet government requirements.

These complications are just some of the many reasons why you may want legal help when going through this process. They can make it much easier on you.