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Can you apply for citizenship with a disability?

The citizenship test requires you to study and prepare so you can respond to the questions with confidence and accuracy. If you have a disability, certain aspects of the test may create challenges that impact your ability to complete the requirements.

Regardless of your disability, you have the right to apply for U.S. citizenship. Through the use of Form N-648, you can have a fair chance at completing this portion of the naturalization process.

Form N-648

Prior to testing for U.S. citizenship, you will need to file Form N-648, filled out in its entirety, to the appropriate entity. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, you will still need to demonstrate an understanding of the English language. However, if your Form N-648 receives approval, you may receive instructions for a modified list of requirements for certain portions of the test. To qualify, your disability must meet the legal requirements outlined on the form.

The completion of your Form N-648 will require the assistance of a qualified medical professional. Maintaining records of your diagnosis and condition can aid you in showing proof of your need for modifications.

Your rights

By law, you have the right to fair treatment. Some modifications you may receive approval for include longer testing times, the use of a larger font on testing documents or the assistance of a sign language interpreter.

It is imperative to provide accurate and honest information on your form. Fabricated content can result in serious legal consequences. The support of Form N-648 can aid you in getting the test modifications you need so you can successfully continue your journey toward U.S. citizenship.