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How can you prepare for a family immigration interview?

The immigration and legalization process for becoming a citizen has a variety of steps you must follow before you can obtain your Visa. The U.S. Department of State notes that once you qualify for an interview, there are a few steps you must take that can help you prepare properly.

Speak to a doctor

You may have to submit a copy of a recent medical exam before you can qualify for a family immigration interview. You may receive a list of doctors approved by the National Visa Center, so it is important that you choose a physician from this list to prevent any delays. Try to schedule your exam well before your appointment date so you can correct any errors or issues that may arise before then.

Locate important papers

The National Visa Center requires that you bring certain documents to your interview. You can provide original documentation or copies. You may have to present all civil documents you gave to the NVC previously, and if any are missing, this could cause a delay in the process. Examples of these documents may include police records from your country of origin and your original birth certificate.

Create an interview file

Keeping all your important papers in one place can help you remain organized before your interview. Store photos, letters and other documents relevant to your upcoming interview in a folder and keep it in a safe place. The more prepared you are, the more confident you may feel.

Any potential Visa applicant may have to reschedule an appointment if the required papers are missing. Creating a checklist well before the interview date may prevent this.