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Louisville celebrates nearly 200 immigrants becoming citizens

Becoming a U.S. citizen after arriving in Louisville, Kentucky, can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your lifetime. For nearly 200 immigrants, the city held a special ceremony to celebrate their achievement in becoming naturalized U.S. citizens, as reported in the Louisville Courier Journal. We at Vickerstaff Law Office, PSC, are pleased to do our part in assisting immigrants in reaching their goals of becoming lawfully naturalized citizens.

We understand how challenging it was for the almost 200 immigrants who traveled from 46 different nations to Louisville in an effort to achieve American citizenship. If your goal is to achieve U.S. citizenship, the Bluegrass State has many opportunities for refugees and immigrants to settle in safely and build a meaningful life.

Whether your goal is to work for an employer, launch a new business or start a family, the path to naturalization comes with many challenges. For example, you may first need to learn how to speak and understand English. You may also need to become proficient in reading and writing English in order to work in certain types of employment situations.

Employment may be one of the most important objectives for you achieve in order to obtain a green card and permanent residency. This is the first step that leads to naturalization. To apply for citizenship, you must have had a green card for at least five years. Some employers may not hire you without one, and if your pathway to citizenship requires working, it is important to ensure that your green card is kept up-to-date.

Our page on naturalization and citizenship provides more information on the process of obtaining the status of a U.S. citizen.