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Refugee status alone does not guarantee permanent residency

| Aug 4, 2019 | asylum

The United States is a haven for persecuted people around the globe. If you have refugee status in Kentucky, you and any family members who came with you have one year to apply for a green card. At Vickerstaff Law Office, we often assist clients in attaining U.S. citizenship.

According to CitizenPath, you may work immediately upon arrival in this country. You will receive a stamped Form I-94 and Form I-756. These forms indicate your authorization to work and eligibility for a work permit. While there are no requirements that you apply for a green card, it may benefit you to do so.

Asylum status may no longer apply if conditions in your home country change. There is also the possibility that the definition of asylee changes during your time here, and you may not meet the requirements. If you wish to remain in the U.S. permanently, attaining a green card is the best way to do so. As a temporary resident of this country with refugee status, you must apply for a green card within one year if the following conditions apply:

  • You do not yet have a green card and permanent resident status
  • Your refugee status has not changed
  • You have been in the U.S. for at least one year

Each family member with refugee status must file a separate Form I-485, for which there is no fee. The path to naturalization is long and often complex. Regardless of your circumstances, you can benefit from having an experienced immigration professional at your side. Visit our website for more information on this topic.