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Depression, hopelessness and immigration court

| Jul 22, 2019 | immigration court cases

Recently, we have explored some of the emotional issues related to immigration court, such as high levels of stress and some of the consequences of being unprepared. In this post, we will look into depression and feeling hopeless, which many people have dealt with before, during and after an immigration court case. Unfortunately, these feelings can hinder one’s ability to secure an outcome in their favor in different ways, and it is important to combat feelings of hopelessness and depression properly. That being said, our law office certainly understands why so many people feel this way.

Moving to another country can be difficult in and of itself, even when legal issues related to immigration do not arise. Some people feel tired, overwhelmed and isolated. Moreover, when family members are involved, or one’s career is on the line, these situations can be especially tough. For some people, when an immigration case surfaces, the ordeal can be virtually unbearable. However, there are different techniques that may help people prevent or address these feelings while improving their chances of a positive end result.

First, you should make sure you clearly understand your legal rights and have a good idea of what you should do in preparation for your case. You may also benefit from finding healthy activities that can divert your attention from the pressures you are facing. Feeling hopeless can get in the way of your ability to review your situation and prepare, so it is important to stay focused and try to remain optimistic.