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The effect of Trump’s newest policies on asylum

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2019 | asylum

Immigration is a complex process that can be altered significantly by the way people go about seeking asylum. For many immigrant families, the overwhelming task of looking for protection from their own country’s dangers is complicated by inconsistencies in immigration policies and growing disagreement about how asylum in Kentucky and other parts of the United States should be sought.

As the conflict over immigration policies continues to create difficulties for people seeking asylum, the latest changes implemented by the Trump administration have presented a new set of challenges. The recent changes affect a couple of areas, but primarily how work permits are given out to people awaiting asylum. The goal of adjusting the policy is to reduce the number of people that gain asylum during a specific time period and thus reduce the number of unsolved cases currently overwhelming the migration system.

Opposers of the change argue that requiring immigrants to pay money in order to seek asylum that they may not even be eligible for, is counterproductive to the purpose of asylum in the first place. Migrants who have been caught at the border will lose the chance to receive a work permit until their case has been adjudicated causing further concern to advocates who are concerned about how asylum-seekers waiting adjudication will make a living to survive.

If people are working toward becoming a U.S. citizen and are dealing with the frustration and confusion of the process, an attorney may be able to help. Legal professionals can provide direction as people work through the requirements to be eligible for permanent residency.

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