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How can I deal with discrimination?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2019 | family immigration

Unfortunately, many immigrant families must deal with discrimination while living in Kentucky. While it’s important to be open-minded and accepting of immigrants, it’s also helpful for immigrants to develop tools for dealing with prejudice when it arises. The American Psychological Association offers the following tips in this case, which will help you and your loved ones address discrimination to the best of your ability.

Rely on your support system

Discrimination is stressful and may even impact your self-esteem. If so, it’s important to seek relationships with those who treat you fairly and build you up. It can feel good to vent to those with an understanding of what you’re going through, such as your immediate family. You can also inform non-immigrant friends and loved ones on how they can combat anti-immigrant sentiment when facing it in their own lives.

Try not to dwell on the matter

Remember that discrimination and prejudice are born from a problematic belief system. In this case, the person with the prejudicial beliefs is in the wrong and are exhibiting a huge character flaw by mistreating a person for no valid reason. Instead of agonizing over what occurred, tell yourself you’re not the root of the problem and that you’re not responsible for another person’s disordered thinking.

Take solace in your core principles

When you’re faced with discrimination, remember those core principles that make you the person you are. These principles or beliefs can inform your morals and actions, and can also help you overcome another person’s discriminatory actions or behaviors. Believing in oneself is a great way to overcome any type of adversity and will ultimately leave you a stronger person in the end.