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Can extreme medical hardship stop deportation?

If you are a Kentucky resident who has received deportation orders, you may wonder if there is anything you can do. A Cancellation of Removal stop these proceedings and may occur under several circumstances, one of which is an extreme hardship consideration due to medical issues.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services states that the officer involved in the case considers medical consequences. The Department of State may provide additional information regarding health care and conditions in the country to which you return.

Depending on the details of your medical hardship claim, cost and length of treatment may warrant significant consideration. If the necessary procedures or care are unavailable, the impact of leaving the United States could be fatal.

The psychological impact of the separation from qualifying family members in the United States may also be a factor. This is especially true if the family relies upon you financially.

General levels of civil unrest, violence and environmental catastrophes may make repatriation unsafe, and the level of care needed is likely unavailable. In the event that formal disability determination by a government agency is on record, qualification would weigh heavily on the family members on whom they rely.

Typically, circumstances support extreme hardship directives if the relocation destination has a country-wide travel warning issued by the Department of State. While some situations are more extreme than others, it is the cumulative effect that guides the final determination of a Cancellation of Removal.


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