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You can obtain a green card through employment

If you are living in Kentucky, there are many ways you can become a permanent United States resident, even if you were not born here. At Vickerstaff Law Office, PSC, our team is experienced working through the immigration system. We help clients understand the complex requirements of getting green cards through employment and family relationships.

A green card confirms that the cardholder can legally work and live in the United States. To maintain your permanent residency status, renewals must be filed, and specific conditions met. The simplest way to get a green card is if you have immediate family members who are U.S. citizens or have other family members who are permanent residents. According to FindLaw, individuals who have professional skills that are in demand may also be eligible for a green card.

There are several demand preferences for skills. Persons with advanced education, skills and unique talents are priority workers, from researchers and executives to those who excel in the arts, business and education. Skilled workers, individuals in religious vocations and immigrants in special categories also qualify for green cards.

There are a limited number of workers granted green cards each year. To be eligible for a green card based on employment and skills, you must show proof of a job offer. The potential employer must indicate that they recruited for the position and found no qualified U.S. citizens.

Once the green card application is in process, you may get an Employment Authorization Document. This is similar to a visa and has provisions which allow you to work until your green card application is processed. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.