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Why is U.S. citizenship usually denied?

When applying for U.S. citizenship, you may have concerns about your application being denied. Knowing reasons why applications are commonly turned down can give you an idea of what mistakes to avoid, which can make for a much more successful process overall. offers the following information in this case, which features several common reasons why U.S. citizenship is denied.

Criminal Records

While not all crimes will end with your application being denied, your background will be exhaustively checked by immigration officials. If any wrongdoing is discovered you’ll be subject to a hearing, during which it will be decided whether you should be deported. Having skilled legal counsel is a must in this case, as you may be able to secure citizenship despite your record.

False Information

If you do have a criminal record, it’s crucial that you provide accurate information about it and all other matters on your application. The discovery of false information is immediate grounds for denial, even if information was provided by mistake. When filling out the application, make sure you verify that all information is accurate and correct.

A Poor Interview

You’ll also undergo an interview as well as submitting an application. During the interview you’ll be asked to prove your English proficiency as well as questions about the information contained on your application. Even appearing uncomfortable can be cause for denial, so be sure that you go over your answers to you can capably provide information to the interviewer. You can also practice so that you feel more comfortable during the process.