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What can I expect during the naturalization process?

If you’re hoping to become a U.S. citizen, you’ll need to go through the naturalization process towards citizenship. This process can be exceedingly complex and without the right assistance you’re bound to feel a little lost. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offers the following information so you know just what to expect when on the path to becoming a citizen.

Submit an Application

Along with your naturalization application (which must be completed accurately), you’ll also need to have photos taken for identification purposes. Next, you should compile supplemental documents that may be requested by the USCIS. This often includes any family living in the area and information on work or school. Before actually submitting, go over your application diligently to make sure the information is correct.

Make a Biometrics Appointment

A biometrics appointment involves taking your finger prints, providing identification, and having your picture taken. The purpose of this appointment is to check your background for any past transgressions that would stand in the way of you becoming a citizen. You’ll also be provided study materials for the upcoming English and civics tests.

Undergo a Naturalization Interview

The last step is to undergo a naturalization interview at the USCIS office. Here you will take the above mentioned tests while also presenting the requested documentation (which can vary depending on the situation). It’s extremely important to thoroughly prepare for your test by studying the proper materials and honing your English proficiency. You can also take courses and preparation classes, which will improve your chance of a successful outcome.