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Green card membership: the process

On Behalf of | May 4, 2018 | adjustment of status

Immigration policies have long been a point of debate in America. Many disagree over what rights immigrants should have in the nation, and when they should be eligible for permanent residency — if at all. Meanwhile, countless Kentucky  families have been torn apart and forced back to native countries. The dangers of some of these countries were the sole reason why many families fled in the first place. What are America’s current immigration laws, and what are common obstacles of the process?

The Foundation for Economic Education is quick to criticize the nation’s immigration policies, warning its audience that the line for green cards is outrageously long. Ironically enough, FEE argues that there is no line to begin with; America’s policies are so complex that many are left in the dark. A big factor that plays a role in tight laws is that of visas. FEE explains that, on rare occasions, an employer may petition for an employee’s green card, but only if the limit on visas has not been exhausted.

While some face this obstacle, others have been waiting overseas for extensive periods of time, waiting for reentry. Many wait with excruciating anticipation for the State Department’s monthly report sharing the names of immigrants who have been granted green cards. Because there is an extreme lack of close records, this process becomes all the slower.

Many immigrants may wonder what, exactly, the regulations say about green cards and typical waiting period timeframes. The website for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services gives an accessible outline of the nation’s immigration policies and green card processes. There are different courses through which a person can receive a green card, including family, employment and special immigration. Victims of abuse or human trafficking may also seek refuge by applying for a green card. The USCIS also notes that those seeking adjustment of status must obtain a visa through consular processing. There are many other details to green card membership, and families seeking further information can look to both federal and state resources to continue the road to a new life.