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Happy ending in Kentucky family immigration tale

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2017 | family immigration

She is from Kentucky and he is from Syria. A little more than three years ago, they met in Ghana, West Africa, fell in love and within months were married. It is certainly not a traditional love story, but their tale shows that matters of the heart know no borders or distances. Their story of family immigration and reunion was recently aired on the Today show.

But let’s return to Ghana for a moment, to when Tori Morris learned she was pregnant back in 2014. She and husband Mahmoud Sloum decided for a variety of reasons — the availability of health care and education, for instance — to relocate to her home state and country.

So she returned to Kentucky in April of 2015, doing all the right things to help her husband join her as soon as possible: she contacted an immigration attorney and began filing for her husband’s spousal visa. But the process was slower than either the husband or wife imagined.

Their child was born 19 months ago and was unable to meet his father until early this month. Father and son Aiden met for the very first time; a tearful, joyous event shared with millions on the Today show.

Now that the family has been reunited, they are focused on today’s joys as well as the future.

Morris said she was “in complete disbelief” when she saw her husband again after their long separation. “I don’t think there are words to describe what we felt, but I finally felt at peace,” she said. “The weight of the past two years just left me.”

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