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Serving Both Businesses
And Individuals

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Kentucky Immigration Attorneys

Vickerstaff Law Office, PSC, is an important resource for the immigrant community in and around Louisville, Kentucky.

Serving Both Businesses And Individuals

Vickerstaff Law Office helps businesses bring qualified workers to fill jobs that cannot be filled locally.

But most of the firm's clients are individuals seeking assistance with the "nuts and bolts" of immigration law — obtaining visas and green cards, work permits, and assistance in the processes of naturalization, applying for asylum, obtaining temporary non deportation status through Deferred Action and pleading cases in Immigration Court.

Visas For Every Person And Purpose

Our Louisville firm helps to obtain visas for many purposes, including immigrant and nonimmigrant visas, work visas, student visas, tourism visas, spousal and family visas for current family members, and marriage or fiancé visas for families who are still coming together.

This website explains many of these visa types in greater detail. A better idea is to call our Louisville immigration attorneys to schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss solutions to your visa and other immigration law problems. We accept credit cards, and speak English, French, Spanish and Russian.

Vickerstaff Law Office has served many hundreds of clients from Mexico, Central America, West Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Australia and Europe. Our attorneys would be pleased to assist you, too.

Contact A Louisville Marriage Visa Attorney

Are you dealing with a challenging immigration law problem? Call Kentucky immigration lawyer John Vickerstaff at 502-442-2039, toll free 888-832-2944 — or describe your immigration law problem using this email form.

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http://www.vickerstafflaw.com 502-442-2039 Immigration attorney John Vickerstaff of Louisville KY is experienced in handling a variety of family immigration issues including marriage visas and green cards.

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