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Undocumented immigrants have rights in the United States

Immigrants living in Kentucky may have encountered circumstances that left them without the proper documentation to remain in the United States with their families. As a result, they may worry that a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent may come knocking on their door and then detain and deport them.

What abuses do undocumented workers commonly face?

Some people may argue that those who didn’t come into the country legally shouldn’t have certain rights and protections. However, regardless of your legal status, immigrants are human beings and should be treated with dignity and kindness. Many employers in Kentucky and other states disregard basic human decency when it comes to undocumented immigrants.

Can extreme medical hardship stop deportation?

If you are a Kentucky resident who has received deportation orders, you may wonder if there is anything you can do. A Cancellation of Removal stop these proceedings and may occur under several circumstances, one of which is an extreme hardship consideration due to medical issues.

How is immigration court different?

If you are called into immigration court in Kentucky, you should understand what to expect. Immigration court is much different than other courts. The rules are not the same, and your rights are not the same. This court is much different in many aspects. Understanding this can help you a lot when you are heading to court. You can be better prepared to handle the situation and know what to expect.

What to expect from the deportation

Deportation is the process of removing immigrants who fail to have the necessary citizenship documents in place. The process can be quite upsetting for families, especially based on recent occurrences in the news. Understanding deportation is important, as is securing reliable legal assistance. In Louisville, KY, Vickerstaff Law Office, PSC offers the following information to ensure their clients can receive the help they need when faced with deportation.

Green cards and re-entry pointers

In today's political climate, immigrants face many obstacles -- obstacles that other Kentucky residents rarely stumble upon. Among these challenges lie the urgent questions surrounding green cards: how long are they effective? Does one need to reside in the country a certain amount of time to receive one? Do they expire? The following examines today's green card regulations, as well as some approaches to help make the process a smoother one.

Asylum seekers may be separated from their children

Immigration can reunite families in Kentucky by allowing spouses, children and other family members of U.S. citizens to become citizens themselves. In some cases, though, leaving their home countries results in family separation, instead. Deportation is not the only threat. People seeking asylum could be at risk of being removed from their loved ones and detained thousands of miles apart.

Is the U.S. removing immigrant human rights violators?

Yes. The United States does have procedures in place whose purpose is to prevent entry by those who have committed atrocities against other humans or engaged in other human rights violations. It also has processes for removal should authorities learn that a person living in the United States was previously a violator. However, it can take many years for the process to play out and for the subject to avail him or herself of due process rights prior to removal. Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently reported on one such instance where a person who had lived legally in the United States was investigated and ultimately deported in early January, 2018 based on government findings of a serious nature.

The removal process in the immigration court system

Immigrants in Kentucky who do not have proper documentation may be wondering what the removal process is like, should the unthinkable happen. According to FindLaw, the process may begin with a Notice to Appear. This document is served to the immigrant, as well as being filed with the immigration court. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is the federal agency that issues the notification.

What should I know when applying for a student visa?

If you live in Kentucky and are currently applying for a student visa, there are important pieces of information that you must know in order to facilitate a smoother process. Applying for visas can be complex even under the best of circumstances, and failure to submit all documentation in an accurate and timely manner could jeopardize your chances.