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What are the biggest challenges facing immigrants?

While life in the U.S. offers many amazing opportunities to immigrants, the experience is not without its challenges. Overcoming these challenges take a dedicated effort, as well as access to the right information. To help immigrants and their families get acclimated to life in Kentucky, Global Citizen offers the following advice.

The requirements for immigrating to the U.S. on a spouse visa

There is a path to immigrating to the U.S. for nonresidents who marry U.S. citizens in Kentucky and elsewhere. However, receiving an IR1 or CR1 visa is far from guaranteed. Therefore, it is important for those seeking entrance to the U.S. through such means to understand the requirements in order to improve their chances of approval.

Selecting the right visa for your marriage status

If you are among the many Kentucky individuals, who became engaged during the recent holiday season, congratulations. Planning for your future is an exciting time. However, if you or your fiancé is not a U.S. citizen, nor are they living here yet, you need a visa. The team at Vickerstaff Law Office, PSC and John Vickerstaff has the necessary expertise and experience to navigate U.S. Immigration processes and procedures.

How can I deal with discrimination?

Unfortunately, many immigrant families must deal with discrimination while living in Kentucky. While it's important to be open-minded and accepting of immigrants, it's also helpful for immigrants to develop tools for dealing with prejudice when it arises. The American Psychological Association offers the following tips in this case, which will help you and your loved ones address discrimination to the best of your ability.

How can I adjust to life in the United States?

While immigrants new to Kentucky may be excited for what lies ahead, it can also be difficult adjusting to your new life. Many recent immigrants experience culture shock upon arriving in this country, and it’s important to work through these feelings in a constructive manner to ensure your time here is joyful and fulfilling. In this case, the Refugee Center offers the following tips.

Part of the U.S. border closed due to influx of migrants

According to the Washington Post, the San Ysidro border crossing, which sits between Tijuana and San Diego, typically experiences about 10,000 visitors per day. It was recently home to a clash between border agents and migrants from Central America, who are making their way to the border to illustrate their displeasure at the decreased paced of the asylum process in the U.S.

What can I expect during the immigrant visa process?

In order to apply for an immigrant visa, a petition must be submitted on your behalf. This and the subsequent steps can be quite complex, and knowledge of your rights and responsibilities is a must if you hope for your application to be approved. The U.S. Department of State offers the following information in this case, which details each step of the process.

Does marriage guarantee citizenship in the U.S.?

If you live in Kentucky and want to become a United States citizen, you may think marriage is the best route. Naturalization, or the process of becoming a citizen, can occur through marriage, but you must meet a number of other requirements laid out by the government. Also, there are other factors involved that may lead to deportation even when you follow the guidelines.

Gathering supporting documents to apply for citizenship

As diversification grows in Kentucky, there are many families with couples who come from significantly different backgrounds. Often, the circumstances under which they met and were wed are unconventional compared with times past. In cases where one of the parties is a U.S. citizen, but the other is not, the process of getting citizenship for the immigrant party can be lengthy and confusing. However, when proactive efforts are made to get the process underway as soon as possible and attention is paid to following the process exactly, naturalization may be more productive and efficient.