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Part of the U.S. border closed due to influx of migrants

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2018 | family immigration

According to the Washington Post, the San Ysidro border crossing, which sits between Tijuana and San Diego, typically experiences about 10,000 visitors per day. It was recently home to a clash between border agents and migrants from Central America, who are making their way to the border to illustrate their displeasure at the decreased paced of the asylum process in the U.S.

As the group of migrants approached, border agents fired tear gas canisters at the crowd in hopes to deter them. They also shut down a portion of the border to prevent entry, citing concerns about protesters. According to the Homeland Security Secretary, these steps were taken to preserve public safety.

While this area of the border has since reopened, there are still concerns about safety as well as other issues. Because this area receives so many visitors per day, many worry about the economic consequences of shutting it down. Some estimate that millions of dollars could be lost, which could have an impact on both the U.S. as well as Mexico.

While most of the caravan has been peaceful, a handful of protesters were said to have spurred the violent response by throwing rocks and bottles. Currently numbering about 8,200, border officials claim they’re only able to process up to 100 asylum seekers on a daily basis. However, according to those making their way to the border this number is much lower, with as few as 40 migrants being processed on one particular day. Additionally, the temporary shelter where many of the migrants are staying is to said to be in poor condition, which only adds to their desperation.