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I am an asylee — am I eligible for a green card?

Those who live in Kentucky as an asylee, or a person who has been granted asylum in the United States, can eventually apply for permanent residency in the form of a green card after a year of living in the country. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, you must properly fill out and file the I-485 form to get the process started. This is the application to change your status and it can only be filed at a time in which you are physically in the country. That is not the only requirement you will need to meet, though. For starters, you must have been physically present for an entire year — one or more — in the time since you were granted asylum.

To obtain a green card, you must be able to show that your asylum has not been terminated and that you have not resettled on foreign soil. You must also still meet the requirements of being defined a refugee, or be the child or spouse of a person who has maintained that status.

Even if you meet these prerequisites, however, there are conditions that can result in you being ineligible for a green card. Health is the first of these. If you have a serious physical or mental issue that is deemed dangerous to the public, it can affect your application. Criminal activity such as drug offenses, money laundering, violent crimes and trafficking as well as assisting anyone who has committed these crimes can make you ineligible. Any act that falls under terrorist activity can result in ineligibility along with espionage and other acts done that can violate or compromise the government or national security. Finally, an application can be denied if you have entered the country illegally or have violated your immigration terms. This information is educational in nature, and should not replace the advice of an attorney.